Moving Forward

by Kaylee Pare


Pardon me? It’s been one exact month since my last post? How ironic. That was not planned. But now that I think about it, maybe it was just what I needed to gain a little perspective. Just like most things in life, guilt is so often apart of my blogging journey. I’m constantly pondering whether that post was as good as it could have been, or berating myself for disregarding any sort of posting schedule or routine. It seems however, that I’ve forgotten the precise beauty of what my blog is, which is a quaint space of my own where not one deadline or directive will guide me, where I am free to express everything from big thoughts to small purchases. I’ve learnt that guilt will get you nowhere, and coming to terms with the fact that things won’t always materialize just as you flawlessly planned, is essential.

These past few weeks have been nothing short of mayhem. Between living in a new city, starting a new job in an ultra-fast-paced industry, moving from one apartment to the next, and attempting to maintain contact with loved ones, I have had little to no time to reflect on it all. I’m so thrilled to finally be settled into a place of my own, where I have plenty of thinking space and much more time to devote to this darling space of mine. A fresh turn of the calendar, with so much potential.


2 Comments to “Moving Forward”

  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful person!

  2. You’re my hero… I love you!!!

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