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April 1, 2012


by Kaylee Pare

There’s no doubt that investing in a few colourful blouses and chinos will uplift your dressing drill. But sometimes a little piece of bright exuberance in the form of jewels will take things even further. As this photo from NYFW illustrates, nothing illuminates a look like accessories in vivid colours. When gold, silver and copper have gotten the best of you, it’s clear that your wardrobe is starving for the cerulean, orange, azure and lime shades that have enchanted the accessory world as of late. I know mine is. There’s nothing more invigorating than owning a little piece of vibrance, possessing the power to transform any dull ensemble you find yourself in. Rather than hunting down a kaleidoscope of colours to reinvigorate your wardrobe, consider the potential of these brilliant pieces …it may just be the punch your garments are thirsty for.

1. Emilio Pucci gold-plated plexiglass cuff
2. Venessa Arizaga salty lime silver-plated bib necklace
3. Oscar de la Renta beaded tassel clip earrings
4. Kate Spade gumpdrop stud earrings
5. Tom Binns aqua neon necklace
6. Yves Saint Laurent arty gold-plated glass ring
7. Etro color-block rubber bangle


February 9, 2012


by Kaylee Pare


I went to see Meryl Streep’s The Iron Lady this week, where the story of Margaret Thatcher’s term as Britain’s first female Prime Minister and the years leading up to it, are recounted. Streep, as always, has an almost unnatural knack for becoming a character on screen. You can truly forget for several scenes that Meryl Streep, a face and voice we well know, is hidden under all those “Thatcherisms”. If not just for the brilliant acting and history lesson, I would suggest The Iron Lady to any movie lover.
As someone who tends to notice style before all else, my favourite scene had to be the one you see above, where Thatcher says the glorious words, “the pearls, however, are absolutely non-negotiable”. Actually, the real-life Thatcher said these same words to her image advisers after they suggested she ditch her pearls. Being the strong-willed woman that she is, Thatcher continued to wear her treasured pearls throughout her entire term, and life.
MT’s attitude about style didn’t stop with accessories however, Thatcher was absolute fearless when it came to fashion. As often the only woman in a room, she would never leave her handbag, lipstick, heels or power suit at home. She was confident, and she wore her Conservative blue outfits proudly. As one can imagine, Thatcher had many barriers to cross in order to get into British politics in the 70s, and she never second-guessed how she looked while doing it. In a sea of dark suits, she constantly stood out, and never considered blending in one bit.
Even though her career is seen as somewhat controversial, I think we can all take something away from her courage and audacity. Margaret Thatcher is an intelligent woman who has surely made her impact on the world, and she knows a thing or two about the significance of one’s style. She lives by a principle that we should all absorb; conforming in any way, whether it concerns a string of pearls, or matters of war, will get you absolutely nowhere.

February 8, 2012

Reader’s Digest

by Kaylee Pare

This beyond-unique bag caught my eye in 2011, and ever since, I’ve been searching for items that match its distinctiveness, to no avail until recently. Today, I was finally able to unearth the bag’s designer. Olympia Le-Tan, a self-taught Parisian designer who started her career at Karl Legerfeld and Balmain. The two-year old brand of accessories encapsulates the designer’s two passions; embroidery and literature. The result is a collection of bags that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. They are unique in their quality, shape and concept – bringing the typical satchels, shoulder bags and hobo shapes to shame. With celebrities like Natalie Portman and Tilda Swinton supporting the designer on red carpets, there’s no telling where Olympia Le-Tan’s next creations will take her. Truth be told, we carry our lives in our purses, so it’s nice to be forced to downsize every once and a while…and carrying a little piece of creative genius on your hip or in your hand, never, ever goes out of style.

Book clutches by Olympia Le-Tan

Olympia Le-Tan Milk Box Bags spotted on the street

See the full collection here.
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February 7, 2012

By the Seashore

by Kaylee Pare

Chanel Runway Spring 2012

While it may seem as though these Winter months are here to stay, it’s comforting to think that Spring’s inauguration is just a little over a month away. The typical formula for Spring fashion entails florals and pastels, trench coats and bold stripes. This year however, designers have turned to the treasures of the sea to usher in the months of rainfall and blossoms that are upon us. Seashells and corals of all sorts turned up on Spring 2012 runways in the form of statement-making accessories.
Now’s the time to dig out that starfish pendant or start the hunt for sea-inspired pieces to add to your Spring wardrobe. There’s nothing like daydreaming of a warmer season ahead and the clothes you’ll be wearing…especially when the heavenly seashore is involved.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Riviera starfish-print canvas wedge sandals
2. Lanvin Minaudière satin shell clutch
3. Oscar de la Renta pavé shell clip earrings
4. Yves Saint Laurent gold-plated starfish ring
5. BCBG Maxazria draped vine necklace


January 4, 2012

Gold Metal

by Kaylee Pare

Bracelets: Gorjana Anchor, Alex & Ani Zodiac Bangle, others unknown.
Earrings: Banana Republic (old)
Necklace: BCBG (old)

My jewelry collection has pretty much been taken over by gold…and I’m completely fine with that!
What metal/colour dominates your treasure box?

Photos by Sabrina Salvo.

December 16, 2011

Yellow Tape

by Kaylee Pare

1. Jason Wu stretch-cotton shirt
2. Oscar de la Renta neon earrings
3. Michael Kors stretch wool-crepe dress
4. Shourouk E. Vegas crystal and sequin earrings
5. Christopher Kane laser-cut leather clutch

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December 9, 2011

Coiled Cuffs

by Kaylee Pare

Lately I’m into piling on each of my favourite one-strand bracelets, making for a heavily accessorized look. These coiled pieces, however, create more of a dignified moment, wrapping around wrists like a snake, standing out alone. Spiral designs are lovely embellishments, and whether stacked or solo, they will surely become a favorite among your box of treasures. Coiled cuffs are definitely having a moment, but it’s safe to say that they will be forever fashionable.

1. Free People Gilded Coil Cuff: A delicate piece that I’d probably end up throwing on everyday. It’s simple and works with any gold trimmings you would pair it with.
2. Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Orbiting Cuff: This one’s my favorite of them all, it adds that little sparkle – a very wearable item for day and night.
3. Alexander McQueen Spiral Twin Skull Bangle: This one’s for those McQueen skull lovers out there. It’s an edgy piece that would be the ideal guest at one of Man Repeller’s arm parties.
4. Michael Kors Snake Wrap Bracelet: Great for someone with a tendency towards masculine styles with more bulk.
5. Aurélie Bidermann Braided Arm Cuff: This one is meant to be worn on your arm, not your wrist. I need to find a piece like this, it’s so ideal for a night on the town.
6. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Bracelet: Gives the impression that you’ve stacked several bracelets together, without the added fuss and noise! The intricate detailing is classic Bottega.

October 2, 2011

Currently Craving

by Kaylee Pare

Alexander Wang F/W 11 Booties


August 19, 2011

Think Spring

by Kaylee Pare

While your neighbourhood stores may be pushing Fall items right now, designers have moved on to bigger and better things, like Spring collections. Women’s Wear Daily got a sneak peek of some of the 2012 accessories collections and shared the sketches with their subscribers, and I in turn, am sharing them with you! I’d have to say that at first glance, my favourites are Oscar de la Renta, Nicolas Kirkwood and Maxmara but we’ll have to see how it all turns out on the runway! Can you pick a favourite?



June 6, 2011

DIY: From Necklace to Bracelet

by Kaylee Pare

How many times have you cherished a necklace that, just weeks after the purchase, crumbles into unwearable shreds? I know it’s happened to many of us, and I’ve seen girlfriends go back to the store and leave with a brand new one, but when I was left with the predicament of a broken favorite, I asked my favorite DIYers from Honestly WTF what to do. A quick tweet reply told me to braid the chain with bright thread or rope and turn it into a bracelet, and so, I obliged very happily with great results!

My lovely Banana Republic necklace BEFORE.

Tools from Wal-Mart, the one and only. (full wine glass, also essential)

Knot the chains with your chosen colors of thread.

Braid to your heart's content.

Et voilà! How pretty is that?

Tie it tight and wear it with lots of other chains, so very spring 2011.

Photos by NonStopStyle

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