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November 24, 2011

Fall Fever

by Kaylee Pare

I had a bit of a revelation when I returned from Europe. And once I admitted it to myself, I felt close to heartbroken. What I realized was…I completely missed Fall.

As you know, I wasn’t in some tropical place where the temperature remains balmy through each season, I was in Europe, where for the most part, Fall weather is fairly similar to ours. So yes, if we want to be technical, I did not miss the turning of the leaves or the cool breezes. However, seeing as though I was backpacking, my clothing collection did not consist of the usual Fall items (which, might I add, are my favorite). I returned home to find leather jackets, decorative headbands, suede boots and wool vests in my closet, most of which can only be worn within the months of September and November, each oozing with Fall charm, and all officially extinct since yesterday’s snowstorm. Boo hoo. Ever since I admitted this to myself, I’ve been drawn to looks that are excessively Fall inspired. Here are two of them that have me hoping for a miracle of season backpedaling.

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August 9, 2011

I’ve got your back.

by Kaylee Pare

There’s nothing sexier than a little bare back accent, much better than any plunging neckline or short hem in my opinion. I also love a good bold bow, so very delicate no matter the size, and utterly feminine.

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March 15, 2011

Candid Shots from New York, Paris & Milan

by Kaylee Pare

After a full month and a half of Fall 2011 shows, Milan Fashion Week ended the ultimate style high that the months of February and March bring us each year. Aside from the glorious trends and over-the-top looks that the runways give us, I’m often more drawn to the absolutely monumental styles that hit the streets and the front rows. These are the editors, bloggers, stylists, socialites and celebrities that are able to take what they see first-hand on the runways, and mix them with wearable pieces, inspiring the ordinary girl to new fashion heights.


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