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May 25, 2012

Take Me Out

by Kaylee Pare

It could be the influx of flawless summer weather we’ve been having lately, or that I’ve recently taken up the sport, but my fascination for baseball caps has certainly matured in recent weeks. Avoiding the beer, golf or car branded variations – and of course, any semblance of a trucker hat – a small category of simple, two-tone styles are fit for a Sunday stroll or a casual drink. Reminiscent of those peewee soccer days, a cap with minimalist tendencies brings an unlikely pair – sports and fashion – to new heights. Similar to the recent revamp of the sneaker wedge (which I also can’t get enough of), it’s finally time for us unqualified (heels-digging-in-grass) sports groupies to get a little taste of the playing field. And on that note…take me out to the ball game?
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January 3, 2012

Click Refresh

by Kaylee Pare

You’re perusing your usual stores, picking up items that any of your friends would suspect you’d like. An item that is a little risqué, out of the ordinary or truly outside of the ‘box’, catches your eye, and instead of including it in your pile of choices, you put it down in fear of making an experimental purchase. This is a regular practice in many of our shopping routines; we subconsciously steer clear of radical items, even though they have stopped us in our tracks. With the dawn of a new year comes opportunity for change. Most of us have resolved to adjust certain parts of our lives, and a fairly easy and effective modification is to rethink every shopping decision we make. The next time you’re clicking ‘add to bag’ or examining a price tag, think about whether your closet needs a rejuvenation, and most importantly, whether this item will accomplish that. In short, click refresh and push the envelope. 2012 is your blank canvas.

1. Matthew Williamson neon optical sunglasses
2. DANNIJO valerija earrings
3. Eugenia Kim embellished toyo and cotton-blend fedora
4. Sara Berman studded leather mini skirt
5. Theyskens’ Theory crocheted cropped-back linen sweater
6. Christian Louboutin metallic leather and velvet ankle boots
7. BCBG Maxazria rock snake pump
8. Giuseppe Zanotti studded metallic leather sneakers

December 2, 2011

Cosmic Love

by Kaylee Pare

Now that it’s officially December, the department stores are no longer at fault for early Holiday decor, and we must all accept the fact that Christmas is truly around the corner. Naturally, dreams of sequins, feathers and all those essential holiday touches are floating around in my head these days. Ever since the Resort 2011 shows, I have been infatuated with Christopher Kane’s work, and most particularly his cosmic collection from that very year. It dawned on me a few days ago that these pieces are the ultimate holiday-wear. While they offer the sparkle that Christmas and New Years Eve normally call for, they are also unique in their galaxy imitating ways. Just the perfect touch of glitz, mixed with all the unexpected cuts and colors a girl could ask for.

Alexa Chung, Carrie Mullgian, Claudia Schiffer in Kane's cosmic creations.

View Kane’s entire Resort 2011 collection here.

November 21, 2011

Ladies in Lace

by Kaylee Pare

Even though the world of fashion is an ever-evolving, complicated place where a crushed velvet blazer is the hottest piece one day and a faux-pas the next, there are certain things that will forever remain classic, beautiful and in fashion. A crisp red lip, a spring trench coat or a ladylike LBD will all have you covered from year to year, no matter the latest trend. Black lace is most definitely a front-runner on that list. From a hint of it peeking out of your pencil skirt, or a blouse showing off just the perfect touch of skin, lace will always have your back for a sexy soirée or a night on the town with the girls. Lately I’ve noticed that lace seems to be the latest accessory, not just on a piece of clothing but as a delicate head piece of sorts. As usual, there are roots to this mini trend, shown here in the form of an Audrey Hepburn photo, circa 1960. If only I could head to work with a touch of my favorite material draped over my baby blues (ahem, browns)…perhaps a bit far fetched. For now, we have these stunning photographs to admire. Ou la la!

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November 3, 2011

Je t’aime

by Kaylee Pare


As my European adventure comes to a close, I´m still so looking forward to one of our last destinations, the city of Paris. Although it will likely be chilly, I know that the ´je ne sais quoi´ of the city will have me at hello. Paris, je t’aime!

October 3, 2011

Casual Mondays

by Kaylee Pare

While of course, casual monday is where I poke fun at images that undoubtedly make us all think “really? is this happening?”, I have to say that I do love this image of Arizona Muse from August 2011 Vogue UK. The styling is gorgeous and I’m happy the dog isn’t a puffy poodle or a posh Yorkie. Midi lengths like this one have caught my eye lately, and I find them so ladylike and classy. Maybe this will inspire you to throw on a skirt next time you’re taking a stroll around the block, sans ou avec pup. Have a splendid week!

August 4, 2011

Style is Knowing Who You Are

by Kaylee Pare


February 7, 2011

Color Blocking: How-To

by Kaylee Pare

Color blocking is a fun way to get ready for Spring without a hefty credit card balance. This trend is all about re-evaluating how you wear colors. If your first instinct is to match a bright yellow cardi with dark denim (although a glorious choice), you may want to venture outside the proverbial box. Color blocking essentially breaks the rules of matching. Even so, it’s a bright and sunny way to look at your wardrobe, and can help you reinvent it. Here a few instructions reviewed with the help of various Spring 2011 runway looks.

How to Color Block Pink:
Pink looks great with many colors in the blocking scheme. Some do-no-wrong choices are red, purple and coral. Neutral accents break up the brightness. If you’re looking to stand out in a crowd, opt for yellow!

How to Color Block Orange:
Orange is great with purple, white and green. If you’re looking for less of a Spring look, go for brown or red (see it here). If you want to rock the 60’s Twiggy look, go for baby blue!

How to Color Block Blue:
The Spring runways exhibited an array of blues this year, with teal, baby blue and electric coming out on top. Each of these work great mixed together. Accents of metallic, purple, yellow and charcoal offset the look.

How to Color Block Yellow:
Yellow presented itself on the runway in hues from bright to muted. Warning: Do not attempt a color block with dark mustard yellow, you will certainly fail terribly. Color block Spring’s yellows with teal, pink and green.

Pre-Fall Color Blocking: It’s all about Teal.
If you’re looking to plan very far in advance, you should be keeping an eye out for teal. As we’ve seen, teal can still be worn in the color blocking scheme for Spring but it’s making a huge return in Pre-Fall, so you know it’s an investment that will pay off!


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