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January 18, 2012

Heart-Shaped Balloons

by Kaylee Pare

I’ve posted about my group of girlfriends before (ex: 1 and 2) but you’ll have to bear with much more of my gushing than that. This topic has arisen once more for one particular reason; a wedding. My best friend was recently lovingly proposed to and she (between screams and wide grins) said yes. Almost instantly, a flurry of textures, colors, places, people and so many plans began to float around in her head…and consequently, each of ours as well. As a fairly young group of girls, this is the first wedding to come our way. Being bridesmaids, and thus, planning the bachelorette, perusing wedding dress websites, discussing venues, gifts and all those juicy details, is really making us anxious for the year ahead.
I have to say that I am so thankful for the man that has swept her off her feet, because, as I’m sure you agree, your girlfriends always deserve to live the fairy tale they imagine for themselves. There’s nothing better than watching someone you love experience a thing so dreamy. Congratulations to my girl and her man, and I look forward to all of the festivities that will ensue…if we’re lost when it comes to weddings, we are professionals when it comes to celebrations. xo


November 22, 2011

Got to be Real.

by Kaylee Pare

As you can imagine, after almost three months in Europe there were many people I was looking forward to seeing upon my return home. I’m extremely lucky to have exceptional girlfriends who have had my back ever since I met them (high school and beyond). Of course, we all knew that it was imperative to reunite, and fast. So, this past weekend, from Toronto and Florida, by plane and by train, seven girls who have watched each other get their very first jobs, move away from home, get heartbroken and fall in love, came together for a night of carefree catching up, story-telling, hugging and dancing. A night on the town is so much better when you’re surrounded by old dance moves, familiar voices, smiling faces and warm squeezes from girls you’re lucky enough to call family.


photos by NonStopStyle.

August 19, 2011

Pen Pal

by Kaylee Pare

I’ve been neglectful this week, I know. The trouble is that our EuroTrip has suddenly crept on me and throwing a big event at work didn’t help either. Let’s just say that free time has not been abundant lately. To do lists are currently running my life, and my birthday is on Sunday so making time for a bit of partying is a must! The goodbyes are really what’s bringing me down these days. While I know that three months in Europe is priceless, I find myself feeling guilty for leaving my loved ones behind for so long? It’s an odd feeling because they are so happy to see me embark on such an experience, while all I can think about is what I’ll miss in their lives. With a big group of girlfriends, life events occur more often than one would think, and I don’t want to miss anything. I’ve written about this feeling before, when I was feeling guilty about balancing all the things life involves. Anyway, postcards, blog posts and Facebook messages will hopefully make up for my absence a bit and when I get back, I’ll have plenty of time for catching up. More about the trip soon!



May 9, 2011

My girlfriends and I…

by Kaylee Pare




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