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July 29, 2011

Uniform Utopia

by Kaylee Pare

As I get closer and closer to embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, I am becoming increasingly weary of my outfit situation. I am traveling in Europe with my boyfriend for almost 3 months, and while I am completely aware that it will be memorable and absolute paradise, I can’t help but think about what to bring, how to edit my choices, what’s most versatile, and mostly, where to even begin. I found this picture of Cat Deely today and immediately thought to myself that it was the closest thing I’d seen to the perfect uniform for traveling. It looks comfortable, laid-back and extremely cute. I’ll be spending the next few days attempting to create this look with my own wardrobe and definitely possibly some new items – any advice on key items you would bring?


July 18, 2011

Day Dreaming

by Kaylee Pare

Anticipation can really get a hold of you. The endless countdowns, the list-making, and continuous chatter preempting more thoughts about an anticipated event. We are in that period now, awaiting our EuroTrip. Every workday includes several texts back and forth “can we leave tomorrow instead?” or “are we there yet?”. The trip is supposed to be completely spontaneous; we don’t want to plan our route to a T – but as the anticipation builds, it becomes more and more difficult not to think about every detail! Where will we stay? For how long? Will we reach every spot before time runs out? I’ve got to stop asking all of these questions, and focus on the now. But, just to get some of my travel longings out, here are some images floating around in my head while I day dream.


May 19, 2011

Puzzled Packing

by Kaylee Pare this not appropriate?


Based upon the genre of my blog, I’m sure you can guess that I love fashion. I love to dress up; I find bananas-beautiful heels to be worth every blister and I hold my jewelry collection in high regard. Suffice it to say, style is an integral part of my life. Fast forward a few months from now, and I’m left with only a backpack of belongings for a few months of traveling the depths of Europe. The question of how on earth to maintain my passion while remaining a smart and savvy traveler, has literally plagued me for weeks. How on earth will I survive on but a few outfits? I’m told 5 pairs of shoes is over-the-top? Gulp. How on earth?

Ok. Before you begin to think I’m some materialistic fool who can’t appreciate the chance to backpack across Europe, you’ve got another thing coming. In my youth (a mere half-decade ago), I shed all semblance of style, for a 50-day canoe trip in the woods, with nothing but 6 girls, 2 outfits (1 for day, 1 for night) and (cringe) a muddy pair of hiking boots. Let’s just say that Anna Wintour would not be impressed. The end result of this experience, however, was a lifetime of lessons and an unbreakable bond with my companions and nature itself.

You would think a life-changing trip of the sort would have propelled me into environment-saving sainthood, but alas, I am back where I began, appreciative of the earth no less, but still addicted to everything fashion has to offer. Do tell me, how do you pack for 3 months when every single item you decide to bring will be weighing heavily on your very own back!? I’m hoping that in the weeks I have to prepare, the answer will come to me like one of Oprah’s ‘aha-moments’. In any case, I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with. Perhaps this can become a blog activity; these shoes or those? This nail polish or the other? I’m allowed to bring nail polish right? …

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