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March 28, 2012

Strangest of Places

by Kaylee Pare

Ever since my teenage years at summer camp, my favourite lyric has been Grateful Dead’s “once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right”. It’s a beautiful line that means so many things, while conveying one fundamental message all at once. Finding the positive in any situation, seeing past someone’s words to their feelings, and noticing beauty in – as the Grateful Dead so poetically puts it – the strangest of places. These are all instances where the perceptions we chose to cogitate will cause very different outcomes, and where we can easily forget to seek out hidden meaning. Changing the way we grasp a situation by looking past the surface can alter our takeaway immensely. Artist Andreas Amador, the brain behind sand paintings, seems to understand this concept of reinvention, looking beyond the surface, by applying this rule to his work everyday.

Amador maximizes on the enchantment of a beach, by using a plain old rake and his imagination to deliver this picturesque artwork. Rather than applying his artistic talents to a canvas or wall, he’s chosen to befriend the most unruly of surfaces, an idea that has not served him wrong. As they say, art imitates life – there’s no reason we shouldn’t be rethinking the ways we act, live or dress, continually looking to those strange and unknown places, where, who knows, we may just find a sparkle of light..


January 26, 2012


by Kaylee Pare

Graffiti, posters, advertisements, street signs, tiles. Every street corner presents a new set of visual inspiration. When we explore unfamiliar land, we are much more conscious of this fact. While wandering the streets of countless cities in Europe, I learnt to stop and notice not just those things that the travel books study. Often the simple things, like a decaying wall, vintage posters or someone’s painted creation offers much more of a story than the city itself.

Photos by Kaylee Paré in Athens, Greece.

August 12, 2011

From Ear to Ear.

by Kaylee Pare

1 A giraffe popping in to say hello.

2 A Paris café.

3 Hair swirls done right.

4 A few moments with a cutie.

5 A scene from Runaway, watch the video.

August 9, 2011

I’ve got your back.

by Kaylee Pare

There’s nothing sexier than a little bare back accent, much better than any plunging neckline or short hem in my opinion. I also love a good bold bow, so very delicate no matter the size, and utterly feminine.

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August 3, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

by Kaylee Pare

You know those little things you see around the city that make you look twice? A sticker you’ve noticed all over the place, or some graffiti that sticks out against a modern building. When I was in University, a group of people put pictures of a cat in the places where they had successfully reached the building’s roof. As I’ve scoured the web over the years, I’ve done the double take many times, and these art projects have stuck out like a sore thumb (in a good way). What’s great about them is they’re simple, they involve some man hours and not much else, and they would surely brighten any passerby’s day.

The first project was executed in Paris, and the mission was to fill potholes with colorful yarn, creating a pleasant surprise for the street’s visitors. In the second project, titled Dispatchwork, artist Jan Vormann set out to repair damaged walls using lego. He started in Italy and moved on to cities like Berlin and New York, creating little drops of colour in unexpected places.  The last one is a random drawing made to brighten up a crack in cement, reinventing a useless damage into spiderman’s web. Hoping that these brighten up your wednesday!

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July 29, 2011

Uniform Utopia

by Kaylee Pare

As I get closer and closer to embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, I am becoming increasingly weary of my outfit situation. I am traveling in Europe with my boyfriend for almost 3 months, and while I am completely aware that it will be memorable and absolute paradise, I can’t help but think about what to bring, how to edit my choices, what’s most versatile, and mostly, where to even begin. I found this picture of Cat Deely today and immediately thought to myself that it was the closest thing I’d seen to the perfect uniform for traveling. It looks comfortable, laid-back and extremely cute. I’ll be spending the next few days attempting to create this look with my own wardrobe and definitely possibly some new items – any advice on key items you would bring?


July 22, 2011

Truly Vintage

by Kaylee Pare

My family recently celebrated my grandfather’s 80th birthday and in honour of this momentous day, I scanned several dozen vintage images to include in a printed photo book alongside more recent shots. As I sifted through the piles of photos from his racing days and all the romantic trips him and my grandmother took before and after marriage, I couldn’t help but notice the utter genius of these images. Some of the pictures that had been tucked away in our basement for so long looked like they were straight out of a vintage Vogue; the fashion, the scenes, the hair, everything seems so truly vintage. Don’t you kind of wish you could go back to these days for just a little while?

My grandmother in the ocean


From left: my mother, uncle and grandmother


My grandfather and grandmother at the racetrack

July 18, 2011

Day Dreaming

by Kaylee Pare

Anticipation can really get a hold of you. The endless countdowns, the list-making, and continuous chatter preempting more thoughts about an anticipated event. We are in that period now, awaiting our EuroTrip. Every workday includes several texts back and forth “can we leave tomorrow instead?” or “are we there yet?”. The trip is supposed to be completely spontaneous; we don’t want to plan our route to a T – but as the anticipation builds, it becomes more and more difficult not to think about every detail! Where will we stay? For how long? Will we reach every spot before time runs out? I’ve got to stop asking all of these questions, and focus on the now. But, just to get some of my travel longings out, here are some images floating around in my head while I day dream.


July 18, 2011

Casual Mondays

by Kaylee Pare

I’ve been waiting for a good time to post this shocking image ever since it was taken after the MET Gala in May. I finally decided that it’s the perfect pick-me-up on a dreary, reluctant Monday. This gown screams Givenchy, and is so perfectly juxtaposed with the gritty streets of New York in this picture – we should all bring ourselves to spend a few hours in a gown on a casual day at some point in our lives (why not?).


June 20, 2011


by Kaylee Pare

When you live right in the thick of a city, it’s so easy to get pulled in to the hustle and bustle, forgetting to enjoy each moment and take it all in. Between working, driving, socializing and daily errands, a week can zip by before you’ve even gotten the chance to think about yourself. That’s why I think it’s so important to get away from it all for a weekend or just one afternoon, and even a few weeks if you can. There’s nothing better than getting a chance to clear your head, putting your cell on silent and all that background noise on mute. I think it’s the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Whether it’s your parent’s home, your cottage, a nearby spa or just a quiet drive down a country road, we’ve all got that one place that makes us feel at peace. For me, my parent’s cottage in the Eastern Townships on Lake Memphramagog is that place. The house itself is nothing special but the view and the atmosphere is unrivaled. We’ve hosted many different groups there, and no matter the people or the day, there’s always a certain carefree and nostalgic quality that you just don’t get anywhere else. Because the house is so removed from any sense of civilization, everyone who visits feels stripped of stress and at one with nature. This past weekend, I went to the cottage with my parents; celebrated Father’s Day, soaked up the sun and sat by the bonfire at night. Here are a few shots from the weekend. Here’s hoping that you have some form of refuge in your life, and if you don’t, I highly suggest seeking one out.

I spent all weekend staring at this view.


Watched bees feed on nectar.


Admired the bright colors in our garden.


Painted my nails Essie St Lucia Lilac.


Celebrated Father's Day with a little gift-giving.


Caught up on old issues, and the newest July Vogue & Elle.


Caught this little guy in the act.


Spent some time on the water.


I burnt myself on Saturday, forcing me to wear high-cut long sleeves on Sunday, but still enjoyed the sunshine with a Corona!

Photos by NonStopStyle

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