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November 22, 2011

Got to be Real.

by Kaylee Pare

As you can imagine, after almost three months in Europe there were many people I was looking forward to seeing upon my return home. I’m extremely lucky to have exceptional girlfriends who have had my back ever since I met them (high school and beyond). Of course, we all knew that it was imperative to reunite, and fast. So, this past weekend, from Toronto and Florida, by plane and by train, seven girls who have watched each other get their very first jobs, move away from home, get heartbroken and fall in love, came together for a night of carefree catching up, story-telling, hugging and dancing. A night on the town is so much better when you’re surrounded by old dance moves, familiar voices, smiling faces and warm squeezes from girls you’re lucky enough to call family.


photos by NonStopStyle.

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