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November 21, 2011

Ladies in Lace

by Kaylee Pare

Even though the world of fashion is an ever-evolving, complicated place where a crushed velvet blazer is the hottest piece one day and a faux-pas the next, there are certain things that will forever remain classic, beautiful and in fashion. A crisp red lip, a spring trench coat or a ladylike LBD will all have you covered from year to year, no matter the latest trend. Black lace is most definitely a front-runner on that list. From a hint of it peeking out of your pencil skirt, or a blouse showing off just the perfect touch of skin, lace will always have your back for a sexy soirée or a night on the town with the girls. Lately I’ve noticed that lace seems to be the latest accessory, not just on a piece of clothing but as a delicate head piece of sorts. As usual, there are roots to this mini trend, shown here in the form of an Audrey Hepburn photo, circa 1960. If only I could head to work with a touch of my favorite material draped over my baby blues (ahem, browns)…perhaps a bit far fetched. For now, we have these stunning photographs to admire. Ou la la!

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June 12, 2011

Color Now: Yellow

by Kaylee Pare


Nothing screams summer like the color yellow- bringing thoughts of bright walks in the park and lounging pool-side with only your favorite shades blocking the sunshine. Yellow is also a cheery color to wear when you need that one extra part of your day to shine lightheartedly and remind you that the smallest things can make you smile. Red lips, tan leather and dark denim are the perfect accents to this beaming color. A sweet yellow dress or a small lemony clutch will become your favorite go-to pieces for the coming summer days.

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June 11, 2011

Mix It Up

by Kaylee Pare

Whenever I’m pairing a pattern, I always automatically look to a solid to wear it with. Polka dots with denim, stripes with a plain skirt, paisley harem pants with a basic T, and so on. But every once and a while, I stumble upon a picture of someone wearing an ingenious mix of patterns- something I would never even think of doing. Whether it’s polka dots mixed together or a bit of leopard print and stripes, don’t be scared to mix everything together just to see how it would look. You never know, you could end up with a gem of an outfit! I can’t wait to try this look soon – I’ve got a tie-dye skirt and a striped top just waiting to find each other.





June 7, 2011

Accordion Pleats

by Kaylee Pare

While street style images can easily make me loath my wardrobe, they’re also a great way to demonstrate what items to buy right now. It can be fairly difficult to find skirts that flatter and I think this newest trend may be a great solution. Accordion pleats are light and breezy and when worn correctly, can really make an outfit look effortless. What’s great is that they’re worn maxi, midi and mini length so depending on your height or style, you can wear them however you want. I will be on the hunt for one this weekend so I’ll report back!

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Emulate this look with…

1. American Apparel Long Accordian-Pleat Skirt
2. Asos Pleated Maxi Skirt
3. Zara Accordian Pleat Skirt

June 2, 2011

YSL Resort 2012: Anchor’s Away

by Kaylee Pare

Resort-wear often brings with it a trace of nautical expression, and Stefano Pilati’s Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2012 Collection is no different. While the typical blue & white stripe did make some appearances, Pilati chose to design this year’s collection with the help of one object in particular; the anchor. Bringing with it a sense of the sea, necklaces, skirts and dresses displayed anchor motifs; imagery which provokes thoughts of setting sail. The collection is beautifully classic and if us civilians can take anything away from it, it’s to pick up a few anchor accessories and channel Pilati’s Resort-wear look, even if the closest Resort is a pool in the middle of the city.




May 18, 2011

Shaded Circles

by Kaylee Pare

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We’re told that different face shapes call for their own types of sunglasses. Magazines tell us that round or cat-eye frames flatter square faces, square-shaped frames flatter oval faces, aviators flatter heart-shaped faces and square frames flatter round faces. To me, that’s gibberish, I have no clue what my face shape is and whatever I end up falling for is what will end up on my face (take THAT).

So, when the round frame came into play recently, I was smitten. They’re quirky and glam at the same time, and from immense to petite, there’s a type for every sun-kissed lady out there. If I must choose (and for some reason I’m making myself do so), the Olsens are the queens of oversized shades, concealing themselves from the paparazzi and always looking their unapproachable selves. As for us civilians, we seek to infuse a little glamour into our jean-wearing-9-to-5-working lives, one round frame at a time. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new pair (and even if you aren’t), try on several round pairs before discounting them as a bit over-the-top. Embrace it. I wear mine everyday and will never tire of them (see my Chanel pair below!)

Photo by NonStopStyle (photography by Nick Curtis)

May 17, 2011

Color Now: Electric Blue

by Kaylee Pare

While the sun seems to slack-off as though it’s still Winter, we must not be discouraged by the dark and ominous sky. As I got dressed this morning, I didn’t follow my own rules, I reverted back to my winter classic, a Club Monaco sweater, wide-leg jeans and some weather-proof heels. I can’t begin to explain how much I tire of this go-to outfit (despite its convenience), and so, to rid me of this funk, I look to a big color this season: Electric Blue. This color is perfect for now because it isn’t overly summery but still adds a touch of vibrance to your appearance. Whether it’s a pair of pumps like these Louboutins (a girl can dream), a tote bag or a pair of wide-leg pants, search out the electricity in your wardrobe and wear it now. Pair the color with orange, eggshell, white, black or grey.

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May 10, 2011

Practical is Overrated

by Kaylee Pare

We’re so accustomed to reaching for those classic pieces – a nude pump here, a striped t-shirt there. We shy away from those ridiculous pieces because of that one friend who says “Seriously though, how often will you be able to wear that? Everyone will remember it.” And you slowly put it down (heart somewhat broken), and move on to the wedges that will get the wear they are worth.

But, my dear friends, I’m here to say that wasting your money on pieces that stand out is ok. Rules of keeping things simple so you can wear them to shreads and re-style them until you’re turning tops into dresses, are no longer.

Wear your show-stopping pieces with pride over and over again if you have to – and if someone takes notice, tell them their shoes are boring.

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May 8, 2011

Shoulder Shock

by Kaylee Pare

To me it’s one of the sexiest parts of the human body, and it deserves a little attention- the shoulder. While Olivia Palermo’s bare back (above) may be your first point of notice, her beautiful petal-adorned shoulder is what really makes this outfit. Lately I’ve found that garments with shoulder accents have garnered my attention, and it struck me that it’s not often a matter of interest (ground-breaking, I know). So, this post is for every girl begging to show some love to their most under-appreciated joint (anyone?). Whether it’s some major embellishment, a touch of fur, or a cut-out, it’s a great way to transition to summer without having to expose your less-than-bronzed legs.

Emulate this look with…

1. Anthropologie Flickered Stripes Dress
2. Forever21 Tiger Stripe Top
3. Modcloth Front Perch Dancing Dress

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May 5, 2011

Proportion Play

by Kaylee Pare

While us ladies are often drawn to figure-hugging, curve-embracing shapes that maintain our femininity, there are always those days when accentuation seems inconceivable, leading us to opt for oversized blazers and exaggerated flare jeans. In doing so, we are propelled to Olsen Twin doppelgänger, with each added layer, tousled hair piece and sunglass size increase. For those days when you’re at this level, take style notes from the ladies shown here, who each bear sizable pieces while maintaining their feminine, fashion-forward nature.

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